Saturday, January 26, 2013

A crochet invitation

Hello Saturday and hello all my new and old followers, blogfriends and readers! I hope you enjoy your weekend time as I do. The sun is good to us, not warm yet but so bright. Freiburg is said to be Germany´s most sunniest city. And this is how I feel today XXX. The perfect light for chrochet work. 

I spontaneously follow the idea to invite crocheters with a single, small, or beginner´s crochet business to publish a guest post on my blog about your personal story with crochet work, the idea behind, your motivation or intention, your (crochet) Iife and maybe your (not only crochet) dream. Your post will be accepted according to the content of my blog and it´s capacity.  

Possibly add your pointer for The Small Crochet Business if there is one, xXx. We all hope so, I guess. Please write in good English (because mine is more passive knowledge) and suitable to a usual blog post. A picture of your crochet work - the item you want to point out - of your craft place or your craft~y companions e.g. cats or dogs or a crochet group would be nice either to complete an interesting post for my followers and readers to feel inspired. New sights on crochet work are very welcome. But it´s not a must. When a hundred of crocheters crochet a heart it is anyhow individual as to be seen on my CROCHET hearts board here.

Let me know your idea and we´ll see how it works, I´m new to it like maybe you. If there are many it might be always a certain day of the month (or week?), if it´s a few, we can arrange it easily together. Please mail your post (or post idea) under the subject The Small Crochet Business to aminaonwu ~ attie ~ aol ~ dottie ~ commy (immediately you receive nonsense mails), so that I can find you easily among others.

If you like to be a possible future guest poster on my blog don´t forget to join my blog as a follower first and let me and other crocheters know by your comment if you like to start this new 2013 adventure together. 

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